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We live in a world of intensifying global relationships, where businesses cross over multiple borders and is involved with the key determinant of economic development and prosperity. Global Business Management is designed to prepare students for the rapidly growing and evolving field of Global Business Management. In today’s increasingly interlinked world economy, virtually all business involves international human resources, management, marketing, supply chain management, and finance. In addition, information technology and legal systems must be understood and coordinated on a global basis. Students in the program will also develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures through the study of global business and culture, which allow them to explore countries and languages of particular interest. As part of the Global Business Management program, the aim of this course is to enable students to better analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges that companies face and how to manage when expanding their activities globally and when dealing with Global competitors in their home country and host country markets.
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This course allows the students to examine and understand the basic framework of the accounting information system so that they can interpret and use it to enhance the decision-making process. The subject uses a practical approach and examines the way financial statements are formed from source data giving you every opportunity to be familiar with the accounting processes and the assumptions, concepts and principles upon which the final financial statements are based.

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This course reviews the management of operations in manufacturing, service, and government organizations. Topics include a review of the activities and responsibilities of operations management, the tools and techniques available to assist in running the operation, and the factors considered in the design of the system.
Course Learning Outcome:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of production as a process of    converting or transforming resources into products;
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the manager's concern in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling productive operations to meet organizational objectives;
3. Demonstrate an understanding of productivity measures, quality and costs both, direct and indirect; and
4. Use a variety of problem-solving techniques to aid in effective decision making.
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