The comparative family law is the comparison of legal systems for the regulation of intimate and family lives. The field of Comparative Family Law (CFL) is undergoing rapid development despite initial constraints. In doing comparative family law course, I will basically deal with two important parts, namely; Muslim Law and Hindu Law. After completing the said course, students will have in-depth knowledge about CFL.

This course studies international law as it pertains to terrorism. It examines the development of international law of terrorism suppression of terrorist acts and financing, international criminal law and terrorism, international law of war and terrorism, International human rights law and terrorism, UN and counter-terrorism efforts, extradition of terrorists, and prosecuting terrorism. Based on this, the course aims to provide knowledge about the issues of legal control of terrorism and give students experience constructing legal arguments through analyzing terrorism legal cases. The course content including lecture slides and readings will be delivered via the Moodle Learning Management System.