Rationale of the Course:
The Tourism industry is on the move and will continue to dominate economy in the near future. Since the earliest days of commercial passenger transportation (by boat or stagecoach), someone has been responsible for making sure that space is available and that everyone on board pays the proper fare.Reservation agents make and confirm travel arrangements for passengers by using computers and manuals to determine timetables, taxes, and other information. Airlines now offer electronic tickets, which they expect will eventually replace the traditional paper ticket. Despite these innovations, there will always be a need for reservation and ticketing agents, primarily for safety and security purposes. These employees still fill a vital role in the transportation industry.
Course Outcomes (CO):
At the end of this course, students will be able to:

CO1: To understand emerging business models in tourism and travel industry
CO2: To explore the scope of entrepreneurship in the emerging e-tourism business
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