This course examines comparative constitutional law with an emphasis on UK, USA, France and India in addition to Bangladesh. This is a core law course designed to introduce students to the historical development and conceptual breadth of constitutional law in comparison. This course provides the students with the knowledge of the different systems of sources, of the organization of various forms of State and Government and of the diverse Constitutional Courts. In this course, the students will in particular learn the regulation of the institutional structures, with special attention to the sources of law, to the evolution of the forms of State and Government and to the protection provided by the different Constitutional Courts. This course also critically assesses broader historical, political and sociological questions surrounding constitution-making processes, constitutional structure and design, judicial enforcement of constitutions, the rise of global constitutionalism, constitutional rights, judicial roles and accountability. This course aims to interweave questions of comparative constitutional law with comparative political history and development, with the caveat that focuses on modern constitutions and constitutionalism.

  • Enrolled students: 14